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Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation


Flow Line Replacement

  • Flow Line: Leak repairs by clamping and replacement of headers, Integrity flowlines, Oil and gas producers, gas lift lines, water injection lines, water supply lines, water disposal lines, high pressure and high H2S flowlines, with various materials combinations like carbon steel, carbon steel with PE lining, carbon steel with internal coating and carbon steel using Positive Seal Couplings (PSC) system.
  • Rig Location Preparation: All construction activities associated with the rig locations, access roads and associated works.
  • Sourcing & Logistics: Sourcing Services for Integrity flow line replacement materials will be through PDO’s SAP system with effective procedures to control access and authority levels within the PDO system.
  • Construction: Activities associated with the replacement, pre-commissioning and commissioning of the Integrity flow-lines, hook-ups and associated utilities support (electrical, instrumentation).
  • Services: Including provision of all necessary plant, equipment, scaffolding and hands tools, management support, training, logistics, work planning, interface management with PDO and other Contractors, work administration, cost estimating, cost management and control, sub-contract management and reporting.