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Pipeline Integrity Management


AHPS services contracts division is experienced in pipeline Integrity Management services as listed & engaged in various pipeline maintenance projects.

  • Pipeline systems : Construction of new pipeline distribution systems, which inter connect wellheads, satellites and central processing facilities throughout the concessions, which includes installation of new pipeline systems and group gathering pipelines (oil, water and gas), hydro test, NDT, scaffolding access, insulation, pump alignment, hot taps, general field construction support activities and repairing existing pipelines.
  • Piping Fabrication: Cutting, Fabricating and Welding wellhead location piping, interconnecting piping for vessels, complex oil & gas facility piping, including working in live plants, structural fabrication, including steel pipe racks, buried pipeline crossings at roads, and facility piping repairs and repairs to equipment, pipe internal & external coating, and Hot taps.
  • Civil/Mechanical Services: Hand and machine excavation, rock breaking, concrete works, painting, removing oil contaminated soil, removal of blown sand, removal and installation of pressure safety valves, mixing and hauling chemicals to wells, cleaning out sumps and pits, NDT, hydro test services, hot tap installation, pipeline insulation services, and general clean- up of facilities, civil work associated with surface laid and buried pipelines, scaffolding for high level access, structural fabrication of racking and access platforms.